Should you start a podcast in 2023 to promote my business?

Should I start a podcast?

Should you start a podcast in 2023 to promote my business? Let’s say you are an online business owner and want to promote your business.

You want to bring ideas to the market without showing your face on videos or writing long blog content on a website.

Is there a way to build an audience without showing your face, Should you start a podcast?

Before I go further, you might need to learn about the best podcast starter kit that will save you a lot along the way.

Should you start a podcast in 2023?

The podcast is a series of digital audio files made available to download on a device, like a phone computer, or mp3 device, your followers or subscribers can download and listen to.

A podcaster can also store digital audio files on a podcast platform like Spotify, iTunes, buzz sprout, Redcircle,, Podbean, etc.

Should you start a podcast, or not?

You should start a podcast if, in the market, you choose you have enough knowledge and experience, and you will never run out of ideas.

However, if you know how to entertain people you can move from market to market or other niches your followers or subscribers will still stay with you.

How to start a podcast in 2023

To start a podcast there are a few questions you should answer before even start buying your first piece of equipment for your podcast.

Some people get into the podcast area blindly and fail miserably, regret they started, and never look back.

Let’s consider a podcast as a marketing channel, after someone builds their audience and has a large number of subscribers, that person can monetize their podcast by advertising other people’s brands or businesses, and there are a few ways to monetize a podcast which means making money.

You already know and learn about the different types of podcasts from e technical perspective, some people individually start on their own or invite another host on their show.

The topic could be anything from interviewing other people or discussing what happened on the news, or what happened in the world.

It could be religious, political, family-oriented, etc. However, the podcaster has to be an expert in the field or willing to learn or spend time reading and researching about the niche.

The topic is most interesting so after listeners listen to the first episode they will be interested to come back and invite a friend or refer others to your show.

The benefit of starting a podcast?

In this blog, I won’t talk a lot about the physical aspect of a podcast, I will talk more about what to know and what to do before start gathering equipment to set up a studio or a place to record.

What is the benefit of starting a podcast, how to make people fall in love with what you are planning to do, and how to set the expectation so your listeners or your audience are not angry at you after listening?

What is the outcome, what level of success do you as a host want to achieve?

Podcasts can be a very profitable business if done correctly, there are podcasts that have many downloaded every month, talking about 300 to 400k downloads a month.

But, how to achieve that level of success? how many episodes or show to put out there?

Even though this is not about YouTube which is similar, you can start a podcast on YouTube the same way as you using any podcast platform also some people are repurposing their content, which means one piece of content distributes on many digital platforms.

I was listening to Mr beast on Youtube and says that to start showing the algorithm that you’re really serious about being an influencer you’ll need to upload at least 1000 videos.

To start showing up on search engines for your podcast at least you’ll need a couple of hundred episodes on the platform.

Avoid future failure before you start your podcast

Understand there are a lot of tricks, tactics, technics, best practices, and strategies to set up, but in the end, you need to be passionate about what you are doing.

Then you will need to set your goal and track your progress. The main reason people fail is primarily because of something called Podfade.

Podfade is the consequence of jumping into a podcast you’re not prepared for, and it happens when a show stops releasing episodes and fades into podcasting oblivion.

This always happens because of a lack of consistency, the podcast business requirement is to show up every day.

This is not only for podcasting but all online businesses and influencers, the day you stop showing for your audience is the day everyone starts thinking about or watching someone else show.

The algorithm favors no one, it treats everyone the same, It’s a kind of no-call no show job, the day you stop presenting yourself someone else is taking over your place.

Building an audience for your podcast

This is one of the reasons people fail, is not understanding the art of building a community for your product, or the audience to consume your product can be quite difficult, however the most open-minded always win.

Creating an audience takes time and commitment, a lot of effort, studies, and work.

You’ll need to be specific about who you want to serve, know your audience, what they want to listen to, where they are what are their duties, and where they are listening to podcasts.

At home, in the car, at work, with friends, does your audience have kids, is married, divorced, etc? To find all those details takes time and you have to be out there so they can listen to you.

Start a niche or topic podcast, shout you be broad or specific?

In the beginning, you will not know what your audience wants and how they will react to your information. You will need to gather data from the search engine to make any decision on which angle to take will your content, should you be broad or specific.

Your data and feedback from your episode will tell you how to move forward.

Record and edit your podcast

Even a pro won’t take chance to steam live a podcast, it is not that easy, most people record and edits their podcast before publishing it.

Why is this important? A podcast is all about sound, you should have good-quality sound before publishing your episode.

Sound is one of the most important factors that will make others interested in listening to you, after the topic you have chosen.

After recording your voice, it is important to not only remove extra unnecessary words, blanc space pauses, and stops. Also trimmed all repeated words and also remove all extra room noise and echo.

You will have a chance to add a little delayed reverb and mastering, etc.


After all the planning and market research for your niche or topic, it will require a little money to get some quality pieces of equipment.

Most definitely it is required to use a good dynamic microphone and a mixing console for your podcast, at best electronic reviews we do all the hard work for you and gather all the best pieces of equipment for your sound and video that way you will have more time to spend doing research for your podcast.

Some Links on best electronic reviews websites are affiliate links, we might get compensated for using our links to purchase your podcast equipment gear.

Hope you’ve learned something useful from this blog, Good luck on starting your podcasting journey.

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