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How to start a podcast with no audience

You don’t need an audience to start a podcast, by the way, most podcasters start with from nothing and bill up to their success.

You need a podcast to create an audience, but why it is important to build an audience, what are the requirements?

In this blog I will talk about:

  1. Why start a podcast
  2. Podcast Name Ideas
  3. How to choose a niche
  4. How to do research for your content
  5. what do you need to record
  6. Where to promote your show

Why start a podcast?

In this section, I will talk about a lot of different reasons someone can start a podcast, and why you need to start a show that is interesting and informative starting after you are done reading this blog.

There are a lot of people looking for pieces of information about something that you are an expert in, and willing to listen and even pay money to learn that specific skill.

But most people failed to fulfill their mission because they don’t believe in themselves, want something that already worked but are not willing to take the time to start anything themself.

No need for an audience and no need to have a master’s degree or college degree to start, all that is required is to think as an entrepreneur where ever there’s a gap just fill it and become an expert in that field.

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You need to start a podcast not only you will help others but you will learn and become and in the field you are.

So many times I went online looking for some topic that I would never think that people would talk about, sometimes I found some answers but sometimes no one ever writes, or make a podcast or video about them.

And after doing some research there are thousands of people searching for the same thing on google, Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, etc.

This is why I will give a few reasons why you should start a podcast.

Podcast Name Ideas

The most important part of this is not the name, but to start. So many times people get stuck in looking for a good name, a name that others will love but a name that people are already searching for on the internet.

Podcast Name Ideas

Most people in their beginning stage have made that mistake and they will end up, hating that name or giving up because it will be too difficult to create a successful brand using that name.

To choose a good name first you will need to:

  1. Do a market research
  2. Choose a keyword related to your niche

Your keyword should be the name of your podcast, but how do to conduct a market research for your show?

This is a little advanced, but after you have done reading this blog you will know exactly what to do to choose a good name or where to find someone who will conduct market research for a little money for your podcast.

The market should be related to your keyword, for example, if you want to talk about money, your niche will be making money niche and your market will be wealth.

If you have knowledge about natural health, your market will be natural health and your niche will be maybe how to eat healthily or what to eat while exercising, etc.

Sometimes an SEO tool might be required but no worries in the beginning if you have no access to a paid tool, there are a lot of free tools like google or bing keywords planner that will help you in the process of choosing the niche and market.

Why using an SEO Tool

An SEO tool will tell you exactly how big or small the market and the niche you are choosing are, and also if is there a product selling already, and how many searching for that keyword that you are targeting.

One of the SEO tools that I personally use is not expensive and it surely does the job well. I found this blog really helpful in successfully choosing a name for online store ideas.

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How to do research for your content

Find at least 5 or 6 people doing what you want to do and watch and learn from them, how they go with their content.

Subscribe to 5 YouTube channels and 5 blog sites to learn from them, how they post, what are their schedule, etc.

Content is the blood of your show, if you don’t have content you won’t be able to present your show.

A podcast is very niche content, your listener should know before they start listening to you what they will find as content on your show but how to find ideas, or where to find ideas?

Remember you are not the only one doing what you want to do if you go on YouTube, google, or a podcast platform you will find a lot of people doing it.

The internet doesn’t like people copying others, if you got caught doing that you might ban from the platform but you can get ideas and create your own content.