How to start a podcast on youtube

How to start a podcast on youtube

Podcasts have become one of the most listening audio content for the last decade, and it’s a growing niche that most people don’t know about it even though it’s been out there for a while.

More people are trying to start their podcasts, but most people have the same question how do I start? and it is still unclear for most people how to start.

Since most people use to listen to radio podcasts and they’re wondering if it is the same process, should they go to an FM radio station paid per hour to start their show or if there are some alternatives?

This blog is about how to start a podcast with a low budget and without renting someone a radio station to put your show on the air.

How to start a podcast on youtube in 2023

Wait, everyone knows that youtube is a video format platform where people went and watch whatever video they want, will people listen to my podcast on youtube? Can you start a podcast on youtube?

If you are a little skeptical or a little bit confused, I will take the time to talk just about that, and I will make sure you understand and start your podcast in no time.

Depending on your niche or what kind of information you providing, people will always be on YouTube search for useful informations.

Having your podcast on YouTube will help in many ways.

a) YouTube has a lot of visitors every day

b) Youtube visitors engage and connect with their creator and sometime they will buy products referred to them.

c) Youtube is a trusted network.

No one wants to reinvent the wheel especially marketers. Us marketers follow trends, we build on top of something that already started and working.

No one will start something from scratch and is not really sure if that going to work or not. This is why we use software to help us make our decisions.

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What do I need to start a podcast on youtube?

To start a podcast on youtube, there are a few requirements. In this blog, I will tell you about exactly what you would need to start a podcast as soon as possible.

No need to be a tech-savvy or a skills technician most equipment that I’m going to talk about in this blog is plug and play, and no need for any extra help to setup the show.

And also don’t worry I will make sure I refer to some free software that will help you record, edit and publish your episodes.

Podcast equipment

Should you set up a high-quality studio with expensive equipment to start? The answer is no, no need for any expensive equipment or a large studio well equipped.

All required to start is a microphone, a camera, and a computer to record and edit the video after the recording.

For someone with a very low budget, and who want to start a podcast on youtube, all you will need as the equipment is a microphone and your phone.

Why microphone?

For a podcast, the sound should be clear and of quality, this is why it will be important to use a dynamic microphone that will give you a high-quality sound and isolate most room background noise.

Podcast starter kit

If you have a budget and will to spent a little money, there are a lot of podcast starter kit that someone can purchase and easy to setup.

A podcast start kit will help in many cases, instead of buying all the equipment piece by piece, you can buy a starter kit with everything to start.

podcast starter kit

Podcast setup

After getting your podcast kit or if you decide to buy equipment piece by piece, most equipment are easy to set up.Most equipment will come comes with manuel on how to use them.

First you will need to Install a free sofware that will allows you to record or go live on youtube or facebook incase you would like to do so.

Go to OBS project choose according to the computer that you’re using, if your are using Apple product choose macos, if you rea using microsof choose windows or Linux.

After you have it downloaded, hoop up your mixer podcast to your computer via using a USB cable and Plug your camera to your computer set up your lower or intro video and then you ready to wock and roll.

Podcast recorder

Let’s say you just want to record your podcast and publish it in mp3 format, or you don’t want to show your face on YouTube, you just want to use audio instead of video.

There’s a lot of software that will allow you to do that, you can use obs studio to record you video and add overlay.

You can use Garage bank if you are a macOS user or Logic Pro, or you can use Cubase which is a music production software by Yamaha. By the way, if you don’t have a huge budget and purchase a little Yamaha AG06 multi-processor USB mixer, this small mixer comes with a free version of Cubase.

Best camera for podcasting

To start your podcast on YouTube, it requires to have a camera if you are going to show your face. Most people on YouTube want to see and engage with their influencers in real time.

Now, try to avoid the mistakes that I made 2 years ago, I know mistakes are inevitable, but some mistakes cost a lot of money.

This is why I’m helping right now, to make sure others don’t repeat the same mistakes I made. 2020 I started making video live streaming for my church and I can tell you, before I’ve learn about what king of camera that can stream live, I bought more than 6 cameras but none could work.

What should you look for in a camera before making any purchase decision?

  1. Does the camera has a clean HDMI
  2. Max resolution
  3. Running time
  4. Connection type

Most cameras or all cameras for live streaming will require a dummy battery.

The rechargeable battery on the camera will not last long enough and also the camera might not stay on during your live streaming

Camera Switching or capture card

Capture Card

I don’t really advise anyone to use a capture card, sure it is a cheaper option but no one can afford the headache that it brought with it.

The other thing the computer will need to have a lot of capacity and a processor.

Camera Switcher

A camera switcher is the best option, as soon as the camera is compatible it is plug-and-play, with no need to install any other software.

Portable podcast setup

Now, this is the fun part. After gathering all pieces of equipment the show is almost on the road or I can say your first episode is almost ready to upload on YouTube or you are ready to go live.

Remember Either you want to stream your episode live or prerecorded the show, the same pieces of equipment will be used and the same setup.

Disclaimer: Some links in this blog are affiliate links I might get compensated for using these links to purchase your pieces of equipment.


Your dreams are about to come true, most podcast dream to upload their first episode, whether using YouTube or any other podcast platform like Podbean, Buzzsprout, Speaker, Spotify, Soundcloud, apple podcast, etc.

The process is almost the same wish you luck.

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