Mackie DL32S, best budget-friendly digital mixer.

Mackie dl32s digital mixer

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32-Channel Wireless Digital Mixer
• 32 Onyx+ recallable mic preamps
• 10 fully-assignable XLR outputs plus headphone output
• Industry-leading Master Fader control app
• 32×32 USB recording
• Ditch the snake – Place it anywhere on stage or in a rack

Mackie DL series are proven best digital friendly stage mixer.

Build in WI-FI and the industry leading multi platform master fader app.

Create stunning multi track recording and get playback for a virtual soundcheck via USB I/O

Loaded with channel/DSP output and 4x Effects processors

Mackie mixer DL series Giving you the mixing power you need to take your mixing to the next level.

Mackie Mixer DL32S

32 channel wireless digital mixer, rack mount with the size of a stage box. 

This mixer can be mount in a rack or place right on the stage , on a desk or on floor next to your desktop or your Internet router, and take no space at all compare to other compact mixing console.

This give you 10 XLR output, for your convenient use 8 aux out for your monitors mix and 2 main PA output  for you main L and R.


Mackie mixer Control app

The app use to control this mixer is master fader app.

It give you the comfort and freedom, no need to sit in front of the mixer to prepare your mixer or mix for you band.

Control from anywhere in the place using your iPad, android device or your laptop.

Master fader 5 is compatible with IOS 14 and higher.

Mackie Master fader 5.2 app provides complete wireless control over Mackie mixer like DL32R, DC16 DL32S, DL16s and Dl1608 wireless digital mixer.

Proven at more than 5 million live mixes worldwide.

This app is packed with powerful processing and a rich set of mixing tools for any professional application.

Master fader is the head of every DL series system with a proven workflow that lead the indistry.

Mackie mixer delivers an ease of use with a complete customize Use Interface that is scalable for users of any skill level. 


Mackie DL mixer recording

Mackie mixer  allow you do record all your input via USB using a computer or laptop.

This mixer allows you to play back your mixes virtually for your souncheck or record and mixer in a later time.

As well this mixer allows you to stream all your channel life YouTube or any social media that allow you to stream live.




Mackie digital mixer live stream setup

Now most musical activities or churches are streaming their programs or services live on the internet.

Mackie gives that option to do that, but it requires a little more attention for this part.

Most digital mixers that I used gives you only 2 USB output, I’m not a professional and I only use a few mixing console or digital mixers.

Don’t take my advice as an expert advice but I use those mixers and what I’m telling are from my experience.

Now, let me talk about the mixer USB output and how to set it up for a successful live streaming.

First you will need to patch it differently from the way your mixer comes to get all 32 or 16 input on a computer via USB for recording or streaming.

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Mackie Mixer USB Routing

To set up your mixer for recording or live stream, you will need to tell the mixer where to sen the signals.

This is how I setup my mixer for live streaming or recording.

1- Routing, go on the left corner up on master fader app, next to shows, click on the second icons.

It will take you to the page or window where you have on the top, Mic Pre, occillator, input A, input B and USB

2. USB, Select USB and scroll down until you see AUX 7 and drop USB1 there.

3. Rout USB 1 to AUX 7, The reason to patch it that way is because you will have a whole separate mixer for your live streaming.

4. Rout USB 2 to AUX 8, do the same for USB2 drop USB2 to AUX 8 and that’s all, you can close the window and go back to master fader app.

5. Link Aux 7 and Aux 8, now you already have USB1 and USB2 route to the right direction.

Go on the left side where you see main on the top of the last fader, click there and select Aux 7.

In the button where it says aux 7, press and click the link option, it will ask you if you want to link Aux 7 and Aux 8, click yes.

After you have aux 7 and aux 8 linked, now hook an MP3 player on any channel and connect your Mackie mixer via usb and raise the fader.

If you don’t see any signal, you did something wrong.

Remember AUX7 and AUX 8 that you’ve linked will use for your recording or live streaming only.

It will be a different mixer that is not depend on the main mixer. Raise or lower a fader on AUX7 andAUX8 will not affect the main mix.


Mackie mixer supported devices

Mackie mixer or master fader can support up to 20 devices at once which means if you want to use in ear monitors each of your musician can have a separate mix using their phone or iPad as monitor.

My advice is do not rely on Mackie built in router, Mackie built in router will send you a really weak signal.

If the place you’re mixer is crowded you might not even have signal to connect one device.

This is why I advice any technician who will use this mixer to have an external router and that will help you in case someone want to mess with your mixer. Click on shop now below to get to one of the best External router.


Mackie is on of the top brand with a variety of mixers, I’ve been using Mackie DL32s digital mixer since 2020.

It is one of the most affordable digital mixer out there that does the job, with a friendly user interface.

I highly recommend this mixer for someone that on a budget that want to upgrade the digital world.

Master fader is an easy to use app, beginner friendly and easy to understand.

After reading this blog if you have any problem set it up, comment with your questions and I’ll be happy to help.

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