Electrc Scooter

How to choose the right nanrobot scooter for adults

Before choosing your electric scooter, there are a few stuff to investigate so you can be sure that you make the right choice.

Below I will list what to consider before you make any purchase.

Things to consider before buying a nanrobot scooter

Product Type

There are a lot of e-scooter on the market someone can choose from, but to make the process simple we will focus on their types not models.

There are basically 3 types of e-scooter which is

  1. Electric kick scooter
  2. Self-balancing scooter
  3. Electric Mopeds scooter


When it comes to durability, based on some basic research adult scooters don’t last too long the book says 5 years.

But we all know that based on how people use their product, it can give you the maximum time.

Safety Features

This is about what to check before taking your scooter to the raod. We all know how important safety is, not only for us but for other people on the street.

What you should check:

  1. Brakes, Check if it has back and from brakes.
  2. Tire and traction, good tire helps brake faster and traction prevents the wheel from spinning when accelerating.
  3. Throttles,
  4. Signal Indicators, this is an important safety feature, turning left or right without any signal could be very dangerous.
  5. The light, is the front light signal bright enough? can you drive safely at night? is the light bright enough?
  6. Helmets, this is very important but can be purchased separately.

Speed & Distance

How fast the machine can go is it safe when driving it at the required speed

Charging Time

How long does it take to charge? and how long does the charge last after charging the battery?

Age Recommendation

Parental Control Features

The pricing

Bottom Line