Best cheap podcast studio setup.

What do you need to set up a podcast studio? This is the simplest answer this question:

Here’s what you need

  1. Podcast mixer
  2. Podcast Microphone
  3. Podcast computer, Desktop, or laptop?
  4. Studio light
  5. Podcast headset
  6. Studio chair
  7. Studio monitors

Podcast Mixer

A mixer is one the most important piece of equipment for a podcast. A mixer allows you to take a weak wave signal sound from the microphone and boost it up to the loud sound that you hear in your headphone or receiver.

There are multiple mixers quality out there in the market, you have a lot of choices, I know that. But we chose the best one at a reasonable price, Tascam mixcast 4.

To learn more about this amazing podcast mixer Click on the image.


Podcast mixer, Tascam mixcast 4

Easy audio creation, Mixcast 4 makes professional content creation easier. Best for podcast creation, live streaming, event production, voice over, etc.

Podcast studio Microphone

A Good microphone can make your guest happy and make your listener in love with your podcast.

A crapy sound microphone can hurt your podcast so bad, that no one would want to listen to you, it is recommended to have the best microphone. That way we do the work for you, no need to spend time searching and reading reviews about microphones. 

We brought you shure studio, and podcast microphones very affordable using both USB and XLR cables. Click on the image to learn more about the Shure microphone family.

The SM7 shure is a dynamic microphone with both USB and XLR outputs for use with computer and professional interfaces alike

Studio light

  1. 3200 to 5600k color temperature
  2. Maximum brightness of 1800 Lux, 50W output
  3. Phottix LED Ecosystem
  4. Excellent color
  5. Digital brightness and Temperature control
  6. Powerd by AC adaptor and 2x Sony compatible NP series batteries(not include)

Studio Headset

Cheap podcast setup

If you have  been wondered, is there a cheaper way to setup a podcast? 

In this section I will talk about some other option less professional for someone with a tight budget.

Below are some cheaper equipments

  • Yamaha AG03, this is a multi-purpose 3 channel mixer USB interface built for IOS, Mac and PC
  • Also you can find some good light setup cheap using this link also…

Podcast studio setup

These are some of the best cheap equipment for a decent podcast. check this studio podcast starter kit here.

To set up your podcast and start inviting guests to share opinions and educate your audience is not as hard as someone could imagine, it is simple and anyone can set it up easily.

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